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Dog Breeder & Adoption Center Map

A map (similar to Google Maps) that shows the locations of dog breeders and dog adoption centers around a certain point
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In order to make things easier for first-time dog owners, and to make small family breeders more visible to the uninitiated of dog ownership. The breeders can specify what kinds of dogs they breed, tentative prices for dogs, etc. It would help potential dog owners find reputable breeders. Perhaps the website could even vet the breeders and adoption centers to make sure that they are not puppy mills, and that they treat the dogs well.
duncanisgreat, Jun 30 2010

Google Maps www.maps.google.com
[duncanisgreat, Jun 30 2010]


       Yah also droops for locations of puppy mill busts and other animal cruelty busts.
LoriZ, Jul 03 2010


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