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First Aid Skype Kiosk

skype with a nurse when you are at the shore, or anywhere there is no hospital nearby.
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Little Nigel comes running up from the shore, still dripping from the ocean.." MOMMY... I got stung by a jellyfish!" As he is running to his mother, he steps in a hole, and twists his ankle.. AND he falls backwards.

On his way down, his hand "accidentally" brushes up against a rather buxom bathing beauty, whose muscular boyfriend pops him a good one... right in the kisser. Blood is spurting from his mouth.

The mother rushes to him, but what can she do? She's a data entry clerk for goodness sake and makes no bones about fainting at the sight of blood!!

Her tired eyes scan the horizon left and right. EURIKA!! she shouts, as she sees the beloved and gleaming red on white FASK FASK FASK (flashing) sign.

She runs to it... drops in 20 pounds 4 shillings and a fiver. A few seconds later she is chatting with a registered nurse.

"He'll be fine!" coos the nurse comfortingly. Just rub some sand on it and give him a shot of whiskey. But just in case, there are all sorts of bandaids, lotions, splints, salves, and bandages, for sale right there in the FIRST AID SKYPE KIOSK!!

r_kreher, May 11 2016


       20 pounds 4 shillings and a fiver? what currency is this?   

       Little Nigel is rather accident prone isn't he?   

       This won't help much with a drowning Nigel, will it?
po, May 12 2016

       Dear Po   

       After Lil Nigel, (LiNi to his friends) After he drowns... You can carry his lifeless carcass to the FASK for some "last aid" to make sure he looks good at his memorial.
r_kreher, May 12 2016

       its po.
po, May 12 2016

       It's it's.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2016

       I get confused
po, May 12 2016

Sgt Teacup, May 12 2016

       the popo means the police. It's slang. (kids these days)
r_kreher, May 12 2016

po, May 13 2016

       that's good advice.
r_kreher, May 13 2016

       The TV commercials could feature a bulletproof Little Nigel who miraculously survives each encounter... jellyfish, sharks, skeet shooting... all due to the wondrous convenience of FASK, but who finally expires when his mum has but a few farthings and an old groat for pay.
whatrock, May 13 2016

       any of various medieval European coins, in particular an English silver coin worth four old pence, issued between 1351 and 1662.
r_kreher, May 14 2016


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