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Breathalyzer plugin for iTunes Music Service

Because you will regret that purchase in the morning
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Ever come home after a good drinking session and start browsing the iTunes Music Service for stuff you heard while you were at the bar? Notice how fun and easy it is to order track after track at just $0.99 each? And then notice how your belly fills with regret the next morning when you get that email receipt for Journey's Greatest Hits?

Enter the iTunes Breathalyzer Plugin, which, when activated, prevents you from consummating purchases at ITMS without first registering a blood alcohol level below a set limit. This limit is defined by the user as a number between 0.00 (no downloads ever, not even when sober) and 1.00 (unlimited downloads, regardless of level of tipsiness).

Based on your test result, an ID3 tag called "How Drunk Was I?" is populated for the track(s) in question.

dparrish, Oct 20 2005

The 'controversial' mp3search.ru http://www.mp3search.ru/
Get drunk, splurge away [wagster, Oct 20 2005]

drunk detecting cell phone drunk_20detecting_20cell_20phone
steviej, 2002 [calum, Oct 20 2005]


       "Other tracks bought by people as drunk as you include: ..."
hippo, Oct 20 2005

jonthegeologist, Oct 20 2005

       "Don't drink and drive and don't drink and i"
skinflaps, Oct 20 2005

       Ah, I get it. It's another metadata point for song classification. I like that aspect despite the sophmorish tone of the overall idea.   

       I imagine that there could be many more data points added: time of day of purchase (is it a 3am'er?), etc.
bristolz, Oct 20 2005

       I think the real problem here is not that you buy songs when drunk, but Apple's pricing scheme. Switch to a service that offers bulk discounts or is based on a subscription.
DrCurry, Oct 20 2005

       Or file share. Free music, just as God intended.
hidden truths, Oct 20 2005

       Hear, hear.
dbmag9, Oct 20 2005

       I'll never understand how music can be distributed for free.
bristolz, Oct 20 2005

       Someone buys a CD. Someone then puts that CD on the internet so anyone can have the data.   

       The problem is that Filesharing files is not illegal. It's the copyrighted material that is. So programs can spring up legally, and then turn illegal. But it's hard to moniter.
Germanicus, Oct 20 2005

       I guess I should add: without the collapse of the music industry and, by that, I mean the actual makers of the music not the distributors.
bristolz, Oct 20 2005

       Fairly simple I suppose [bris]. There are plenty of songs that I've overheard on the radio or in clubs and downloaded, to find that I like the band, and gone no to buy their albums. It's abuse of the system that is the problem.
hidden truths, Oct 21 2005

       great idea for the breathalizer....could also be integrated into other things involving money....like ATM transactions greater than £/$XXX...or other online things such as ebay: i nearly bought an electric milkfloat for £200 that was 500miles from my house. seemed like a good idea at the time!
lau03205, Oct 22 2005


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