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Real Web Cookies
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Wouldn't it be great to get Real Web cookies. I mean you click on a picture of a cookie, and your disk tray opens, and there it is. Companies could send advertisements on the cookie (in chocolate). A tasty way to advertise.
Viper, Jun 12 2003


       Well, yes, it would. But wouldn't it be great if this idea didn't involve magic?
RoboBust, Jun 12 2003

       isn't there a developing technique for 3-dimensional (kinda) photo-copying - the copy creation is built up in layers? or did I dream it?
po, Jun 12 2003

       Tsk tsk. How negative RoboBust/buddha_pest. Put together your comments prove Vipers idea is fully realizable. There is no magic necessary (but it would be magnificently close to it) in loading your printer with "extras".   

       You already load colors. In fact, you could call it the "Sweet Sensations" Printer. Every week you'd load that baby up. Colors, scents (scented paper for love notes - don't forget the fancy font! -- or soothing aromatherapy for sending a letter of complaint), sights & sounds (like a gold-plated techie advent calendar), textures (different odd & interesting textures and shapes and sizes of paper). And don't forget to include the plastic paper (load crayons on a "rotator" for use with the plastic paper).   

       This would be so cool. You would be able to maximize your downtime by synergizing up the ying-yang. Spreadsheet and butter cookies. Database and aromatherapy. Word processing and coloring mandalas.
thecat, Jun 13 2003

       [snarf] no cookie for you. Go ahead, open up your CD drive - you'll find no cookie.
Worldgineer, Jun 13 2003

       Try WonkaVision
Great Satan, Jun 13 2003

       I would certainly like a cookie every now and then. The computer has a stack of neutral flavored cookies and lots of artificial flavors in dispensers. The dispensers are software controlled. You download a flavor file and "play" it so the dispensers add flavor to a neutral cookie according to flavor file. Then you eat the cookie. Your friend could send you an e-mail with a flavor file and the message "Try this, it's strawberry with a hint of raw beef. Tasts nearly like the roach that I found in my salad at McJoe's." (Disclaimer: I just made up the flavor and the restaurants name.)
kbecker, Jun 13 2003

       You can order a birthday cake with a photographic image in the frosting, so a cookie printer sounds bakeable.
LoriZ, Aug 12 2010


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