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web comic bookmark

web comics remember where you read last
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web comics should all store a cookie to remember what issue you read last and take you to it immediates next time you visit. that would be great for when you are away for a few days, or are in the process of reading the archives of a new comic.
ironfroggy, Mar 27 2003


       This is indeed a good idea. Even if I'm sure someone will point to 1000 websites which already do it. It would also be good more generally for a site to keep a record of what pages you have visited, but I guess that would cost too much memory.
pottedstu, Mar 27 2003

       Seems like a WIBNI to me, though I've often thought about this issue. Still, could be simpler to have a special web comic bookmark, supported by the browser, which changed its own link to be more up to date when you visitted a new page in the webcomic. Of course, it would be smart enough to detect and ignore visits to non-archive pages or off-site links. Alternatively, a shortcut to overwrite the bookmark used to open a particular tab with the currently viewed page.
aguydude, Oct 08 2008


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