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Bridge Bib

Keeps players from dropping their cards on the floor
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The old people at my bridge club have trouble sorting their cards without dropping some of them. It's a big problem when cards land on the floor, because (a) sometimes they land face up and the opponent sees them, and (b) it's hard for an old person to bend over and pick them up from under the chair.

"Bridge Bibs" are cloth napkins that are connected to the underside of the bridge table and can be unrolled to cover your lap. They have clips that you can clip onto your shirt.

They have raised borders on the side edges to keep dropped cards from sliding off the sides.

Players who don't want to use the Bridge Bib can leave it pinned underneath the table and ignore it.

phundug, Aug 15 2006

Not a bad idea but I like this better. http://www.unclesga...filiate_banner_id=1
Click to enlarge [zeno, Aug 15 2006]


       Ah. I was thinking this was to stop bridges drooling on you.
DrCurry, Aug 15 2006

       And not to stop people drooling over the sides of bridges?
phundug, Aug 15 2006


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