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Conveyor Belt Dinner Table

for better dinnertime conversation
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You know how it is when you go over to dinner at someone's house and get seated next to people you're not really into (they'd rather talk about Britney Spears than the latest research into quantum computation) while over at the other end of the table is the hot atomic phycisist you had a crush on in high school ?

The conveyor belt table is a bit like the sushi conveyor belt, except it's the people moving instead of the food.

It's a long oblong table (narrow enough that you can talk to the person opposite). The outer rim of the table (wide enough to hold your plate, glasses and cutlery) is a flat conveyor belt, rather like the ones at airports. The seating is a single 'bench' that is also a flat conveyor belt. Both belts move slowly clockwise, matching their speed so that you never get separated from your dinner.

This way the person opposite you keeps changing, so you get to talk to everyone.

bumhat, Dec 14 2007

very similar amusement_20tables
this is pretty much the same idea, kinda [evilpenguin, Dec 14 2007]


       I'm picturing a starfish pattern, where at any given time, five people are at the center and convening on something previously debated whilst in the ams (or whatever comes to mind). Very effective for throwing people helplessly into the wind of mischief and rumor. [+]
daseva, Dec 14 2007

       It's crazy, probably nauseating and definitely messy. I like it.
MisterQED, Dec 14 2007

       It's not to dissimilar to a merry go round. Needs upgrading with "Under the table conveyor limbo" where as via the belt you pop up from beneath the table and find yourelf next to the person that was momentarily opposite you.+
skinflaps, Dec 14 2007

       this is a great idea that has already been posted. Almost verbatium to this one (minus the conversation emphasis)   

       <swims away to link idea>   

       still, [+]
evilpenguin, Dec 14 2007

       <resurfaces, hey check linky>
evilpenguin, Dec 14 2007

       // hot atomic phycisist //   

       Sorry, I think there's some kind of physics law being broken there.
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2007


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