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Brights Identifier

Allows other drivers to really know when your brights are on.
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In today's world of SUVs and Xenon headlights, it has become really tough to know if someone driving in your direction, has their brights on in your face or not.

How many times have your flashed your lights to someone you thought had their brights on, only to have them flash their brights at you, showing you they didn't?

What I propose is a third headlight, positioned in the middle of the other two on the front of the car, that is only activated when you have your brights on.

The same way that they created a third brake light to identify more clearly when you step on the brakes, this would server to let others know that your brights are on, and if you've forgotten to turn them off.

Tebraw, Oct 04 2004


       There's a lack of clarity in simply having another light. Sure, after a while, people might become accustomed to this new less than immediately transparent illuminatory configuration but until then, there will be confusion, misunderstanding and, indubitably, angst. Eliminate these negative emotions by simultaneously strapping a Blues Bros style loudhailer on the roof of your motor, playing a sonic boom volume continual loop of a mechanistic chant of "I have got my brights on" or "I have not got my brights on" as appropriate.
calum, Oct 04 2004

       Don't look.   

       No, really, they only dazzle if you actually look at them. If you look slightly to the left (UK, Japan, Aus I think) or right (USA, mainland Eur etc etc) it's much safer all round.
egbert, Oct 04 2004

       Chrysler Corp. had a solution to this across their entire line in the 1960's and 1970's: four headlights, two of which only came on to supply the brights. (Some other vendors did this too, on some models, but for Chrysler it was the corporate style).   

       The homogenization of car designs over the last decade put an end to that style and exacerbated your stated problem.
krelnik, Oct 04 2004

       Nope. Cos it looks kewl.
egbert, Oct 05 2004

       that's foolish ! (+).
neilp, Oct 05 2004


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