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Night vision driving

Drive without street lights or headlights at night
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Instead of driving with headlights on, and streetlights providing additional illumination, drivers could all wear night vision goggles and drive the same as they do during the day. This would reduce a lot of CO2 emissions. One would still have to maintain a small amount of illumination on the vehicle so the pedestrians and other drivers without night vision equipment could see you. Large amounts of road lighting could be turned off. General light pollution would be significantly reduced. The military currently use this driving technique in combat situations, so why not the general public? Of course the night vision goggles would have to become a lot cheaper, but if they were mass produced consumer products with high demand they would be cheaper.
Hudai1, Mar 05 2009


       As long as the cars have position-lights, that should be ok. Otherwise any other people on the street would not see the cars coming anymore.
loonquawl, Mar 05 2009

       NVGs are very poor for peripheral vision - there'd be a lot of neck-strain involved. [-]
coprocephalous, Mar 05 2009

       Mercedes have a system on the new S class which uses and IR camera and the digital dash display to effectively give you night vision assistance, and can aid visible distance despite the powerful posh headlights.
Skrewloose, Mar 05 2009

       Early adopters might find your solution quite unpractical and painful ;)
placid_turmoil, Mar 05 2009

       I knew someone who used to do this years ago. However he a also used to make his own fireworks and play around with the HV feed from a CRT to spark pennies in a fishtank full of water. So it hardly qualifies it as the brightest idea.   

       However I agree with the engergy usage reduction, and you would be able to see the stars much better.   

       Why not genetically engineer better eyes? You could also save on newspapers by reading the persons at the other end of the train carriage.   

       coprecephalous - from the way they drive most people don't use peripherial vision anyway.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 05 2009


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