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Xenon Polarizing Film

Dim bright Xenon lights by attaching polarizing film?
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I have a nice BMW. It's fun to drive. It has Xenon headlights. On undulating roads, oncoming drivers get an eyeful of the xenon headlights. Surprise! They don't like it. The headlights are aimed properly, and they even point slightly to the right. I'm not particularly bothered by oncoming xenons, but a decent number of motorists don't like them.

I wonder if there is a way to make the color of the xenons appear more yellow? Or, is there a way to attach a ploarized film to the headlights to knock down the glare a notch?

TooBright, Dec 02 2003


       For overall dimming it would be easier to turn down the voltage, but a possible benefit of an adjustable filter is that you could dim just the upper part of the beam and leave the lower part to illuminate the road.
AO, Dec 02 2003

       Band-pass filter sunglasses.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2003

       The lights are connected to a balast system similar to florescent lights. So, turning down the voltage is not possible. They require a great deal of voltage initially, and then very little as soon as they warm up.   

       They are factory installed xenon headlights. They don't have the fake bluish tint seen in fake aftermarket xenon knockoff systems. However, they are very, very white with some blue mixed in. The are very different than halogen. Halogen seems very yellow by comparison.
TooBright, Dec 02 2003

       Try tinting your headlight lenses with something like 25-75% tint ... this is common practice in car-showing circles ... use black spraypaint, or 5% if you don't intend on using your headlights
Letsbuildafort, Dec 02 2003


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