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Bring Back Juneteenth Day

a day off not a day on
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This is a great holiday and we should all get off from work for it and have a national picnic. I don't know why people stopped doing that . . .
futurebird, Feb 27 2001

(?) juneteenth http://everything2....x.pl?node_id=831469
[futurebird, Feb 27 2001]


       I keep getting a server error . . .
futurebird, Feb 27 2001

       err... that seems bad form? an idea based on something on e2, then linked, then annotated by the author referencing an error? *scratches head*
absterge, Mar 05 2001

       absterge, I think the annotation is a joke referring to slaves/workers as "servers."
beauxeault, Mar 05 2001


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