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Broken-Leg League

Sports league for broken-legged individuals
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Everyone knows about wheelchair sports; but what if your inability to walk is only temporary? People consigned to crutches for 6 weeks or more often become surly and restless, especially if they are accustomed to physical activity. If you’re one of them, you should join the broken-leg athletic league. Whether you’ve broken your tibia, fibula or femur, torn a ligament, or have a plaster cast on at least one leg for any reason, you’re eligible to play.

At every meeting the league holds a different competition, such as baseball, basketball, tennis, or even a foot race. The rules of the games are identical to the regular versions, though they are necessarily somewhat slower and gentler. Normally the group divides into two or more teams that play intramurally; but on the third Sunday of the month they play against the broken-arm league.

AO, Apr 27 2004


       Broken legs SUCK - if you break ANY bones, make it above the waist. For the love of god.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 27 2004

       Is the team that starts with the ball decided by pulling on a wishbone?
FarmerJohn, Apr 27 2004

       Seeing three people on crutches slowly rounding the bases after a bases-loaded ground ball would indeed be amusing! +
phundug, Apr 27 2004

       Great TV entertainment, I'm sure, but a severely bad idea if you're one of the participants.
DrBob, Apr 27 2004

       Chess team? +
sartep, Apr 27 2004

       Vicodin could be a sponsor.   

       Every offical would have to be a licensed Physical Therapist. +
1st2know, Apr 27 2004

       I hope those casts are checked carefully; performance-enhancing drugs could easily be stashed in there.
po, Apr 27 2004

       Joe Theisman and Sid Vicious unavailable for comment.
Mr Burns, Apr 27 2004

       +. A little extra plaster, and the three-legged race would become an excellent spectator sport.
lostdog, Apr 27 2004

       Once this becomes a hit, then there’s going to be all sorts of cheating, people breaking their legs just to get on the team. <Hobbling out there with a new cast on his left leg, learning too late that it’s right leg night.>
ldischler, Apr 27 2004


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