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Sensor Wheelchair Goalball

Inclusive sport
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This game is like wheelchair soccer and goal ball with sensor jackets and is inclusive of people who are blind, deaf, deaf blind and have physical disabilities. Players use wheelchairs, sensor jackets and blindfolds. Ball has an electronic homing device that activates sensors.
JesusHChrist, Sep 24 2015

for [wjt] https://www.google....6g&biw=1099&bih=887
[hippo, Sep 29 2015]


       The quadriplegics could be included as well, riding around on fully-automated game robots, to add a bit of a random element to the game.
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2015

       This is wholly for the love of life and fun, right? I hope your not channelling your inner Davros because ball control pointers with black suction cups would be just wrong.
wjt, Sep 29 2015

       [hippo] nice, cosplay abound.
wjt, Sep 30 2015

       Players in motorized wheelchairs could be remotely controlled.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2015


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