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Sleepy sports
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Sleepy people the world around often find they cannot enjoy sporting activities due to sudden impulses to lie down. Sleepy sports is just the thing for the tired and even lazy.

Bed skiing not only provides warmth, but it matters little if you doze off halfway down the slope.

Team sports like soccer or cricket must have pillows dotted about the field in case a rest is in order.

High jump and pole vault are favourites, where you will find not only athletes - but also umpires curled up on the mattress dozing in the sun.

benfrost, Dec 23 2004

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       love the name
dentworth, Dec 23 2004

       I thought this was drug inspired - amphetamine/steroid cocktail 100m sprint, could get some interesting world records.
Trodden, Dec 23 2004

       It's a shame - - I thought this would have events like longest snooze, most drool, loudest snore . . . I'd take gold in almost every event. Anyway, [~C] steamin bun for you.
contracts, Dec 23 2004

       Why not, we have sleepwalking; why not sleepluging or sleepdiving?
phundug, Dec 23 2004

       Contracts, you'd be under pressure from yours truly... I went to bed at midnight last night, and I only woke up five minutes ago, the time being 16:45.   

       Phun, I can just imagine sleep walkers with their out stretched arms, making it to the end of a diving board... +
spiritualized, Dec 23 2004

       Trying to think how sleepy cricket would differ... No running allowed? Or maybe that's already how it is?
bungston, Dec 23 2004

       [spiritualized], I'm so jealous of your 16 hr+ sleepathon!   

       Hooray for the sleepy people!
Machiavelli, Dec 23 2004

       There could be a seperate event in Asian Sytle Cooking, where the best sleep woker takes all.
Aegir, Dec 25 2004

       Aegir that was terri...zzzzzz
benfrost, Dec 25 2004

       Good one [ben]!
Pericles, Dec 28 2004

       Slighly more perilous a sport than the Monty Python Incontinence Olympics.
mannby, Dec 29 2004

       Archery and riflery contests could prove to be disastrous, surely. Is riflery a word?
pooduck, Jan 10 2005

       (pedant: should this be sport:olympics).
neilp, Jan 11 2005

       Wrestlers asleep in each others arms...
robinism, Jan 11 2005

       The English cricket team would be good at this.
energy guy, Jan 11 2005

       Bob sleigh. Four big burly men sleeping together. Shame the Winter Narcolympics are unlikely to be held in San Francisco.
etherman, Jan 11 2005


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