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Browser Based Spellchecker

Fix those annoying spelling errors on pages you visit
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If you are annoyed at the misspellings in other people's pages like me, you wonder "why hasn't someone created a spell checker for incoming webpages?" There's a spell checker in everything these days, why not the web browser? Even something where you can have a misspelled word identified at a site, say if I always spelled "professional" wrong at www.fuckmicrosoft.net, you can say "always change this misspelling at www.fuckmicrosoft.net" Isn't this a great idea?
noweb4u, Mar 29 2000

Speller http://www.stuffeddog.com/speller/
Speller provides a browser-based interface to check and correct spelling of arbitrary text that can easily be inserted into an application flow. Future versions of Speller are planned to provide a simple RPC mechanism that will allow other web applications to easily hook into Speller's capabilities through the Internet. [jimfl, Mar 29 2000]

Jeff K! http://somethingawful.com/jeffk/
This page would probably freeze up the spellcheck program [AfroAssault, Mar 29 2000]

Does spelling matter? http://news.bbc.co....sid_49000/49182.asp
Fortunately, Mark Twain and (I assume) [Mephista] are in a minority. [angel, Mar 29 2000]


       I think spell/grammar checker should be included on Operating System level... that way, every app could use in in a uniform way. It is tiresome to keep a custom list of special words (foreign place names, in my case) separately for each app.   

       BTW, I like the red underline Word97 uses for misspelled words...
danilom, Apr 24 2000

       I like the green wiggly line that appears under nonsensical or ungrammatical phrases in Word97. I sometimes wish that when someone says something that doesn't make sense a green wiggly line would materialise in mid-air in front of their mouth.
hippo, Apr 24 2000

       Why stop at spell checking? What about dialect checking? I'm often puzzled by some of the Americanisms I encounter on the web. Your browser should be capable of translating American English into proper English English and vice versa. What's a toponim?
DrBob, Jul 04 2000

       What about an add-in that can detect and translate regional slang (Scouse, Mancunian, Scottish, Strine, etc.)? Bit of a tall order, but I daresay someone somewhere is working on it...
MonTemplar, Aug 24 2000

       This is a great idea...especially if you are trying to promote your website called www.fuckmicrosoft.net and need an idea in which to make veiled references to that site!
dgeiser13, May 31 2001

       <plug> Baked in MacOSX and browsers written for it, such as OmniWeb (which I happen to work on) </plug>
wiml, May 31 2001

       SpellBound for FireFox.
bristolz, Jan 17 2006


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