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close preceding tab

for "always open in new tab", close preceding tab feature
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For an "always open link in new tab" option, as a new browser feature, we need a second new feature: "Close preceding tab" (i.e. the tab that holds the history leading to this one). The feature should be available at least by right-clicking on the page, or by selecting options from the tab I'm on. \

Maybe an icon with a BACK arrow and X icon on it, could be good for this.

Also, the new tab should hold the history of its predecessors, and not only history beginning with the tab being opened.

When hitting the history for one back, if that tab is still open, jump to it, rather than overriding the current tab. Same for FORWARD if reached here by pressing "BACK".

I know, its harder to implement, but from the UX side, it makes things simpler.

pashute, Jul 22 2012


       ummm... right-click option to "Open Link in Current Tab" good enough ? Ffx Plug-In.
FlyingToaster, Jul 22 2012

       The right click is exactly what I'm eliminating.   

       And one of the important parts of this idea is the history preservation on the new tab.
pashute, Jul 24 2012

       yes but...   

       you open a link in a new tab then close the previous tab. At what point is that different from opening the link in the same tab ? except that the immediate-tab history is being retained which is what you want.   

       I think I see... the link is exploratory rather than navigatory ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 24 2012


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