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Browser with preloading

Use your DSL to the fullest!
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You surf to a website, you wait till it's loaded, 30 seconds pass while you browse over the page, then click on a hyperlink or picture. You already know: you have to wait again...

Why not have an option added to your browser to tell it to use the 30 seconds (or so) of (already paid!) DSL bandwidth to download/cache as much as possible of the underlying pages?

inventor, Jan 11 2005

Flash Surfer's Pre-Fetch Feature
Page 4 [[ sctld ], Jan 11 2005]

baked http://www.geocitie...mozilla_preload.GIF
Mozilla [chud, Jan 11 2005]


       Baked. Flash Surfer
[ sctld ], Jan 11 2005

       I had a Web Accelerator program 10 years ago that did exactly this. Baked.
phundug, Jan 11 2005

       In connection with these automatisms (which I agree have been around for some time), I've got a question.   

       Some links do things. For example, the "for"/"against" links on this page imply that by following them, you're expressing an opinion; the "delete" links on your own posted ideas here or on people's annotations delete objects from the database.   

       How do those preloading browsers avoid "doing" all kinds of things when their user just wants to read?
jutta, Jan 11 2005

       ......including any number of undesirable pop-ups, premium rate autodiallers, IQ tests, other peoples web speeder uppers!
(edit) - the google cached PDF in [sctld]'s link tells of a pop up defeater. Dunno about the rest though.
gnomethang, Jan 11 2005

       // How do those preloading browsers avoid "doing" all kinds of things // as a (very) simple rule, perhaps they just don't follow links with querystrings ?   

       How do spiders avoid doing the same ?
neilp, Jan 11 2005


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