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Brush tip felt tip.

It's not how long they are, it's what you do with them.
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This is a felt tip brush pen. The tip, rather than a chunk of felt, is a bundle of fibers like a brush. These fibers conduct ink like felt (as opposed to natural bristle or hair which only have ink or paint on the outside). The fibers can be advanced or withdrawn into a collar, adjusting the length. Minimally advanced, the fibers are held closely together and this essentially becomes a felt tip pen as regards line produced. As the fibers advance out of the collar and are longer, the line produced becomes more and more brushy. Different bristle firmnesses are available, just as with brushes - with the commonality that all become a magic marker when withdrawn into the collar.

This system will also help keep your brushes from getting all gnarly and stiff, because the fibers are withdrawn into the pen and capped after use and so spend their off hours bathed in a rejuvenating bath of ink.

bungston, Apr 20 2009


       If not baked already this should be. I picture the withdrawing mechanism to work like a rag mop with one of those fancy heads on it. Absolutely doable and desirable!
blissmiss, Apr 20 2009

po, Apr 20 2009

       /like a rag mop with one of those fancy heads on it./   

       yes, yes.
bungston, Apr 20 2009

       //...and so spend their off hours bathed in a rejuvenating bath of ink//   

       This sounds delightful, as does the invention - it sounds like a good starting point for an artist's multi-tool.
ryokan, Apr 20 2009

       Very good. I know they make a brush tipped marker but nothing adjustable like this.   

       I have some of these, except the fibres don't withdraw - you just put the lid on, like a normal felt-tip. I think I bought them in Japan.
hippo, Apr 21 2009

       Regarding the fibre withdrawal mechanism - you can get fibreglass pens for cleaning metal (they are sold as watchmakers' tools - and possibly in other trades as well). They contain a tight bundle of glass fibres, and twisting the top of the pen either extends the fibres (to make a long, flexible brush) or retracts them (to make a very stubby, stiff brush). This seems almost exactly what you need here.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2016


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