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Exploding pen

Pen that explodes rather than write certain things
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A pen that explodes when someone tries to spell "magic" as "magick."
abner mcwhistlebottom, Aug 29 2000

spellchecking pen http://www.halfbake...heck_27_20Ink_20pen
a less punitive approach... [egnor, Aug 29 2000]


       ...the wind tugged at the kite strings and fluttered the sails, and as he was about to gave the little boy the special magic k... oh crap, where's my pencil.
Alcin, Aug 30 2000

       Ahem. I said, "Ah, so it reads minds".
Alcin, Sep 08 2000

       As every single damn Microsoft product in the world is VBScript-enabled, it would be more feasible to propogate this idea to MSWord users via an MSOutlook email virus. The virus would attach scripts to MSWord which would detect the word 'magick' being typed and change the default annoying Office Assistant into a super-annoying Office Assistant Goblin.

Note that I do not approve of people actually writing viruses.
hippo, Sep 08 2000

       Perhaps a pen with a pressure sensor and some high explosive, and when you chew on it, it explodes, blowing up your pen and in all likelihood, a large portion of your head.   

       Kind of... and anti-chewing mechanism...
jdigital, Sep 18 2000

       Shouldn't need a large blasting cap, but the smell of the nitroglycerin might be a dead[pun intended] giveaway. Just hope Dan Quayle doesn't decide to autograph something for the Orlando Magic [whew, that was close]. Nice knowin' ya. I hear the food's pretty good in Maximum Security Federal Penitentiaries.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

       jdigital - a very Darwinistic way of getting rid of a habit.
Detly, Nov 23 2000


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