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Dual felt tip

Whiteboard and permanent ink
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One end permanent ink, the other wipe-off - is this just a silly idea, or are such pens available?
rayfo, May 02 2001


       I've never seen one, no. I would prefer a permanent marker that shrieked aloud in proximity to a dry-erase board so that my fine co-workers would no longer make *that* mistake, and an dry-erase marker which shouted "NO" when about to be used for marking sample bottles.   

       I have seen double-ended writing tools with a ballpoint pen in one end and an highlighter in the other, though.
Dog Ed, May 02 2001

       I use dual felt tips of the permanent kind (fine/ultra fine) daily, but haven't seen the kind you're proposing.   

       This idea isn't too silly as there've been instances where I've needed both, but Peter's point is probably the reason why these pens don't exist.
iuvare, May 02 2001

       What about little whiteboard-erasers on the ends of dry-erase markers? Might be useful for small mistakes and would prevent people from erasing things with spittle-coated fingertips or little shreds of tissues. Stupid, or baked? Probably both.
Monkfish, May 03 2001

       Get a half-inch-wide strip of fur-side adhesive Velcro and spiral it round the whole barrel of a whiteboard pen. It makes a very good full-swipe wiper always at hand.
rayfo, May 03 2001


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