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Bubble Wrap Bandage

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I'll cut to the chase : Band-Aids (or plasters for GB based 'bakers), with the familar sterile inner surface and a bubble-wrap outer. Heals and protects from future knocks.
jonthegeologist, Oct 08 2005

(?) Inflatable Air Splints http://www.first-ai...ble-air-splints.htm
Somewhat related product for fractured or broken bones. [jurist, Oct 08 2005]

Nexcare Flexible Foam Bandage http://www.amazon.c...16-9004951?v=glance
Another related idea for cuts and scrapes. [jurist, Oct 08 2005]

An alternative bubble-wrap bandage idea Inverse_20Bubble-Wrap_20Bandage
[jonthegeologist, Oct 09 2005]

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       Mothers everywhere would have to switch from “stop picking at that” to “stop popping that”.
cjacks, Oct 08 2005

       Now I won't care what my sore thumb sticks out like.
wagster, Oct 09 2005

       sorry but I keep thinking - bubble wrap mouth gag with helium.
po, Oct 09 2005

       Wouldn't they get popped by eager and bored kids within seconds, rendering them nearly useless?
Mr Phase, Oct 10 2005

       of course. that's why it's a Halbakery idea.
benfrost, Oct 11 2005

       Bun - I'd buy them. I'd pay double if each little bubble had a mild anaesthetic which was released onto the sore area when popped - doing away with the need for pill popping.
rubyminky, Oct 13 2005

       I once went to a party where one girl decided to remove her regular attire, and wrap herself in a big sheet of bubble wrap. The effect was interesting, visually, it was like talking to someone through a misted glass shower-divider. She was also of course, the centre of attention, what with everyone wanting to pop one her bubbles.
zen_tom, Oct 13 2005

       Did it make her look more naked?
reensure, Oct 13 2005

       By the end of the night, I don't think there were any bubbles left unpopped. There's a disturbingly vivid memory of her being rolled around the floor by a number of eager young men, while she gleefully cackled and popped as she went. At some point, someone smacked her bum, at which point all the money Kellogs put into marketing Rice Crispies turned out to be a complete waste of time.   

       Ever since, I've not been able to wrap anything in cling-film, bubble wrap or any other transparent plastic without indulging in questionable reminisánce.
zen_tom, Oct 13 2005

       Bubble wrap casts.
jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005


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