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Inverse Bubble-Wrap Bandage

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Wounds with foreign objects imbedded are very difficult to bandage and therefore keep sterile. This new bandage could help the process.

Bubble-wrap plastic has countless bubbles containing a gas. These new bandages have the same bubbles, but each containing sterile nitrogen gas and produced in a sterile environment.

The inverse BW bandage is laid bubble side down onto the wound. The first-aider simply pops an appropriate number of bubbles thus creating a hole which is aligned over the piece of glass or other foreign object. The other bubbles ensure that the bandage remains tight on the skin, but doesn't push the object further in.

[Feel free to sketch this]

jonthegeologist, Oct 09 2005

Another bubble-wrap bandage idea Bubble_20Wrap_20Bandage
[jonthegeologist, Oct 09 2005]


       Under what circumstances do you bandage a wound still containing a foreign object? As a personal preference, if I have something stuck in me I tend to take it out before fixing the damage.
wagster, Oct 09 2005

       Well, walk away better educated [wagster], wounds aren't sterile.   

       There should be a rule for teaching rationale for extraction, other than "if it hurts when you touch it, don't touch it".
reensure, Oct 09 2005

       Foreign bodies should *never* be removed from wounds unless you are medically qualified - they could do more damage coming out than as they went in.   

       For this reason, it's often required to bandage a wound with an object imbedded as the patient makes their way to a hospital.
jonthegeologist, Oct 09 2005

       A lot of times the object is the only thing keeping you from bleeding to death on the way to the hospital.   

       And bubble wrap is just cool.
hidden truths, Oct 10 2005

       I see difficulties if the foreign object is a french knife.
Ling, Oct 10 2005


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