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Bubblewrap Painting

For beginners or "By the numbers"
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Precut sheets of bubblewrap, each bubble filled with paint of a specific colour.

Upon receiving your Bubblewrap Painting Kit you may wish to begin "painting" right away. If so, lay the bubblewrap sheet carefully on a hard surface, bubbles upward.

Using the patented Paint Pustule Pricker supplied, carefully prick a hole in each bubble. This may be the most destressful thing you have done in some time.

Once done, set aside the tool and select your canvas or paper or whichever suitable surface you purchased from us in the original transaction (the paint formulation in the bubbles is matched to the surface you chose).

Press the painting surface firmly and evenly against the pricked bubbles, ensuring even pressure all over. More pressure means thicker paint and a slightly "bolder" colour mix where colours meet.

Carefully remove the painting surface from the bubblewrap sheet and set it flat in the shade, to dry, face upward.

You may be able to obtain several impressions from one sheet, depending upon pressure used.

For customised painting subjects, please provide personally preferred pictures. Our paint pustule prefilling program promises perfectly pixelated portrait propagation.

infidel, Jul 05 2011

BubbleToons [xenzag, Jul 05 2011]


       I likes it. Can I try it the other way around, with the sheet underneath with the bubble side down overtop of it?
I would like to see what splatter pixel art would look like.

       That would probably work too, [2fries]. I hadn't thought of the "Jackson Pollock" effect that might be achieved with this.
infidel, Jul 05 2011

       [+] I didn't actually read the idea, but "bubblewrap painting" certainly sounds bunworthy.
FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2011

       Your link seems like a coloured moire pattern, [xenzag]? Is that a good description?
infidel, Jul 06 2011

       No - put a magnifying glass over a black and white half-tone in a newspaper. This has to be a monochrome image and not one composed of the moiré pattern achieved by overlapping screen dots of cmyk colour separations (cyan, yellow, magenta, black)   

       In monochrome halftones, the dots vary in size.
xenzag, Jul 06 2011

       I'm not sure why the bubblewrap needs to be 'pricked' before use - I would have thought it would be more fun to lay paint-filled bubblewrap on top of a board on the floor and then stamp on it. When you've finished, remove the bubblewrap and lay down a sheet of bubblewrap filled with a different coloured paint, and repeat.
hippo, Jul 06 2011


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