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cat caricature artist

a service that offers artistic studies of your pets in the style of a caricature (think Gerald Scarfe)
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I noticed yesterday that one of my cats has these soulful downslanted eyes and one (of her eyes) was clawed as a kitten so she looks a bit squinty as well. in addition, she has some marvellous fu manchu whiskers making her look quite sinister.

<makes note to attempt to make a sketch>

searching for caricature pets, I found several people who would *caricature* pets by dressing them up in, say football togs or a pretty little dress but finding a real caricature artist drew a blank.

niche market? it’s a possibility.

po, Apr 19 2006

Gerald Scarfe http://www.geraldscarfe.com/
[po, Apr 19 2006]

I suppose Sylvester comes close. Now, my cat done in a similar style http://www.blackwol...bg/loon/sylv_sq.jpg
[po, Apr 19 2006]

Pet caricature, $22 http://www.petcolle...om/caricatures.html
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

Pet caricatures from £19.99 http://www.pet-gear.co.uk/product_1.htm
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

Stylized drawings, $30 and up http://www.spiralingdreams.com/
Real or digital media, artist's choice. [jutta, Apr 19 2006]

Drawing or caricature http://www.homestea...ne/Catshrine_3.html
[jutta, Apr 19 2006]

a suitable candidate http://img20.images.../catfromhell0qc.jpg
[po, Apr 21 2006]


       sure,or hand a photo to the artist on the boardwalk next time you're there.+
dentworth, Apr 19 2006

       oh, you are a silly old [po]ssum.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 19 2006

       //Should we show your cat fishing, with a large pole, fishing cap, and a bucket of fish? Would you like to see your dog doing what he loves in a caricature? Maybe your horse running the winning race or in a Western setting? Whatever you want -- for pets big, small, and in-between -- we will make sure you get it. // thats what I meant by dressing them up. not quite what I had in mind.
po, Apr 19 2006

       no, it's not really a cutsey portrait of my pets' expression at all. like I said, think Gerald Scarfe whose subjects are still recognisable even when he does exaggerate their features beyond what would be physically comfortable
po, Apr 19 2006

       [po] don't you wish FarmerJohn was here to make it happen?
dentworth, Apr 19 2006

       po: just bring your pet to NYC - the caricaturists line up along the streets (near Central Park, anyway), and they'll draw you, your friends, your pets, film stars, whatever you pay them to. Some of them are even as good as the pictures they have posted behind them.   

       However, since people have been drawing anything and everything since we had cave walls, this doesn't really seem like much of a new idea.
DrCurry, Apr 19 2006

       How many cats mad are you [po]?
Just curious.

       2 2.   

       2nd link is fabulous, thanks jutta.   

       would I be able to bring fluffy to USA, DC?
I believe cave drawings were meant to be accurate and to encourage the gods to help with the hunting.

       perhaps its just me that enjoys caricature.
po, Apr 19 2006

       Yeah, Gonna submit my picture to those peeps.
The Kat, Apr 19 2006

       "would I be able to bring fluffy to USA, DC?"   

       Of course. It's the reverse trip that's tricky.
DrCurry, Apr 19 2006

       Twenty two? Oh my.   

       sorry that should have been - 2, 2.
po, Apr 21 2006

       "why would you vote against this?" - why do people ever vote against anyt idea? Some guesses:   

       • Don't like cats
• Don't like caricatures
• Don't like teletubbies
• Perceive all those links from the webmistress as implying she thinks it's Baked, and want to suck up
DrCurry, Apr 21 2006

       I've seen the teletubbies caricatured!
po, Apr 21 2006


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