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Instant divorce website, with prearranged legal templates that emphasize the fiscal well being of children
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I think many women might get out of nonoptimal relationships if a new site click2divorce.com existed. The nice thing about this would be that all the standard forms would favor the woman as well as any children. This would have a convenience effect on all the people that also raised the entire divorce average of fiscal generosity.

It is intended as a feminist technology that also reduces legal fees.

beanangel, Jan 12 2017


       A quick Google shows that there are a number of websites that do exactly this, except without a bias toward women. Prices start, apparently, at £37.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 12 2017

       [mb] much appreciated!
beanangel, Jan 12 2017

       Feminism pretends to be about equality but in practice is about female supremacy. Fuck feminism.
Voice, Jan 12 2017

       There is an Islamic one, but you have to click it three times.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 12 2017

       Who hurt you beanie?   

       This reads as pretty powerfully antifeminist to be honest.
Custardguts, Jan 12 2017

       *troll warning*   

       // feminist technology // is an oxymoron.   

       Frankly, if the Government wants to ensure the well- being of children, as it's well-known that mothers typically receive primary custody and that children raised by divorced mothers typically suffer irreparable harm (as compared to children raised by divorced fathers or married parents), then the Government can pay for the upkeep of the child from the nation's tax receipts. It's only fair.   

       I blame the Frankfurt School conspirators in the ZOG. Not sure what they stand to gain out of crashing the Western family culture, but they've done it nonetheless.   

sninctown, Jan 18 2017


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