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Bubblewrap pasta

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You can make bubblewrap from sheets of plastic. You can make sheets of pasta. Therefore you can make pasta in the form of bubblewrap.

The eating experience would be heightened by the popping of the bubbles in your mouth, each one filled during manufacturing with various scents (thyme, truffles, coriander, etc.).
hippo, Nov 11 2008

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       Air ravioli!
zen_tom, Nov 11 2008

       Sheets of bubblewrap pasta can be used to make diet lasagne
hippo, Nov 11 2008

       Diet. Lasagne. Two words rarely found in the same sentence.
zen_tom, Nov 11 2008

       In fact, there's no reason this couldn't be used for packing fragile objects and then the recipient could cook it - tasty, recyclable packaging.
hippo, Nov 11 2008

       Would the pasta be somehow transparent?
Spacecoyote, Nov 11 2008

hippo, Nov 11 2008

       Would it be sort of coy?
wagster, Nov 11 2008

       Wouldn't they pop as the gas expanded in the boiling water?
Then again there's always al dente.

       VERY rough science;   

       Pasta filled to 3/4 maximum volume of air
Temperature raised 100K
Gas law states Temperature is proportional to volume
Start temp ~300K, end temp ~375K
Volume increases less than 1/4
All good in the hood (bubble)
miasere, Nov 11 2008

po, Nov 11 2008

       My pasta cooks best when it is underwater. Wouldn't this just bob around on the surface without cooking properly?   

       Perhaps some kind of steaming technology would cook it.
FishFinger, Nov 12 2008

       [Fishfinger] Yes - now, if only we knew where to find a group of people good at quickly coming up with impractical technology solutions...
hippo, Nov 12 2008

Spacecoyote, Nov 12 2008

       Without walls, there's nowhere to put them anyways.
Spacecoyote, Nov 12 2008

       MMmmm I woould like the cream onion filled and powdered potato wafers one
kamathln, Nov 12 2008

       //[Fishfinger] Yes - now, if only we knew where to find a group of people good at quickly coming up with impractical technology solutions...//   

       Some kind of extended sieve attachment to the inside of the lid of the pot, methinks.   

       Excellent idea.
fridge duck, Nov 12 2008

       the world needs this [hippo], make it (so).
jonthegeologist, Nov 12 2008

       Yay! gonflable pasta.
skinflaps, Nov 12 2008

       // a group of people good at quickly coming up with impractical technology solutions //   

       Well, if you don't insist on "quickly", just about any major Defence-sector contractor will be able to assist, bearing in mind the 8 to 10 year lead time arising from the specification and tendering cycles ....
8th of 7, Nov 12 2008

       Fill 'em with helium, then your voice would get funny while eating it.
phundug, Nov 13 2008

       I might be around here a bit more now, I was made redundant an hour ago. Bollocks, it's not even the summer!
weedy, Nov 14 2008


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