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Bubbling Bowling Ball

A bowling ball which produces bubbles
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Bubble solution may be added to a central cavity in the ball. As the ball rolls down a bowling lane, bubbles emanate from orifices in the ball.

[Edited] A mechanism to allow the fluid to drip at an appropriate rate to ribbed orifices appropriate for bubble-making could be implemented using a gyroscope (suspending the vessel of fluid) and a rigid membrane (allowing air to flow through the ball while containing the fluid).

So long as the ball's center of gravity is at its center of mass when half full of solution, the cavity is small, and the mass of the ball is much larger than the volume of fluid, the ball's movements should not be terribly erratic.

ed, Sep 12 2009


       Sir, you are a champion. I like this idea a lot. Bubbling bowling balls would also be fun to use outside the bowling alley.   

       This idea is transferable to many sports. Baseball would be much better if they used your bubble ball idea.   

       Three more words: bubbling boxing gloves.
unfettered, Sep 12 2009

       ..."other forms of magic. " you just committed halfbakery suicide.   

       other than that this is ok. tad messy
dentworth, Sep 12 2009

       I edited out the "magic" part by (vaguely) explaining how the gyroscope and membrane would work.
ed, Sep 13 2009

       This would be good for a kids birthday party or something? I think.
blissmiss, Sep 13 2009


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