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Facial Bowling Ball

Looks like a friendly head guy
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The three holes on a bowling ball look so much like two eyes and an open mouth that I'm amazed they don't make bowling balls with full faces and noses drawn in.

All the balls at the bowling alley would be unique -- if you found a ball you liked, you would be able to look for that same ball next time.

Great for children's parties - kids would love the colorful balls with funny clown faces and hats on 'em.

Meanwhile, pro shops could create special balls for clients, with faces (self-portraits?) inlaid in acrylic just under the surface. The picture would remain beautiful and undamaged, unlike painted balls, which will chip or stain with extended use.

And remember, with a real personnage built into the bowling ball, it will make a lot more sense when you blame the stupid @#!^$# friggin' thing for curving out of the strike zone just as it gets to the pins.

phundug, Jan 28 2004

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po, Jan 28 2004

       //Great for children's parties - ...// Wouldn't that send the wrong message? Next they run around with their Ninja swords to "collect" bowling balls.
kbecker, Jan 28 2004

       <creepy voice> Heads will roll...
spacecadet, Jan 28 2004

       baked at the local bowling alley here. There is a team in the league that has the faces of the simpson family on each members' ball.   

       Another team were talking about getting south park characters (at least the heads are the right shape) but never got around to it.
reap, Jan 28 2004

       Kudos! If you had a few balls you could choose your evenings ball based upon your mood.   

       Maybe we need a mood ball.
clafever, Jan 28 2004

       I want a bright yellow one with one of those "Have a Nice Day" smiley-faces. It'd be funny to see it smash into the pins: "Have a nice day!" KER-RASH!!
Ander, Feb 24 2004


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