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Buffet contingency stock option

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This option would immediately sell all of ones stocks in the event that Warren Buffet ever dies.
bob, Oct 01 2014

Or include both in your idea Buffett_27s_20Buffet
[theircompetitor, Oct 02 2014]

stiffs http://stiffs.com/
tried for celebrity death lottery, but got this instead. [popbottle, Oct 04 2014]


       [or retires]
bob, Oct 02 2014

       I am disappointed. I thought this was going to be some way of mitigating the disaster of being late to the buffet, only to discover that Sturton and the intercalary have eaten all the good stuff.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2014

       I was thinking along similar lines as Max, although I was more concerned about the issue of getting to the buffet only to find that the greedy carnivores have eaten all the veggie options too.
DrBob, Oct 02 2014

       I wonder if Warren Buffet has a strategy for eating and succeeding at crowded buffets?
bob, Oct 03 2014

       The better trigger would be the death or retirement of the management of companies he has picked like Coke.   

       The "Sell all one's stocks" at single point in time when everyone else is in panic mode question is: Sell to whom?   

       The nice thing about real stock options is that when you do decide to exercise the option the counterparty is already locked in. He has already committed to buy at a price or sell at a price.   

       You can buy put options on Brk.b, if you want.
popbottle, Oct 03 2014

       Sorry I used the wrong term, but thats exactly what I meant popbottle, but rather than having a definitive stop price in mind I would like the time of buffets death to be the factor triggering immediate sale.
bob, Oct 03 2014


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