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Daily stock reports

Speed up reporting and smooth investment
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In decades past businesses were seen as short-sighted for taking steps that would help in the immediate year but harm the company in later years. For example laying off a research and development division. Stockholders would frequently demand such measures as they didn't intend to hold the stock next year anyway. This trend has continued with now quarterly reporting, with stockholders not caring what happens next quarter as long as the company is profitable in the short term.

The pace of business is increasing and challenges and opportunities are showing themselves and disappearing faster than ever. To create strategy on a quarterly basis is no longer short-sighted. To opportunistic individuals this leaves much to be desired: faster, more effective exploitation is required. I give you: daily reporting! It will no longer suffice to maximize shareholder profit on a quarterly basis. What has your company done TODAY? Only by ensuring a steady return on a day-to-day basis will it be possible to keep stock prices at a peak. This new information will give investors a badly needed peak into the fortunes capitalism has to offer.
Voice, Dec 29 2014

The difference between diplomacy and politics http://www.imdb.com...le/tt0751831/quotes
Last quote on the page. [8th of 7, Dec 29 2014]


       So, this Idea is not really about a stock report (every newspaper already has that, daily), but is actually about a business-performance report. Okay....
Vernon, Dec 29 2014

       (voice) Sorry we had to lay you off of your R&D job. Hope you get a new job soon with good pay and benefits. And we'll gladly buy back your company stock at a slight discount. Just see Margie weekdays.   

       Vol Voiceover
popbottle, Dec 29 2014

       "Strategic" = "later this afternoon" ...   

       Marvellous. [+]
8th of 7, Dec 29 2014


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