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Emp Score

Employee Satisfaction Score
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When the memo comes out tripling your annual health care deductible, feel no chest pains. Just log on to empscore.com & drop your company's rating from a 6 down to a 2.

Hell, this may be the only positive change you could make in your company without reporting your boss for extortion or blind foolish nepotism this year.

Zimmy, Mar 17 2005

F***ed Company http://www.fuckedcompany.com/
a day late and a dollar short [OJCIT, Jun 10 2005]


       There was a similar webpage rating teachers when I was in school. It was well-used and quite helpful, telling which teachers to avoid and helpful tips about others (tests on class lectures as well as book, lectures from slides - not worth attending, etc.). Next time I'm looking for work I'd love to find a website like this.
Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005

       There used to be a site called sucks.com that was basically a forum for disgruntled customers and employees to vent spleen re various companies.
zen_tom, Mar 17 2005


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