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Bug Zapper Chandelier

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Ceiling lights often fill up with unsightly piles of dead insects that remain visible for long periods of time because it’s such a hassle to drag out a ladder, climb up and clean them out. But if ceiling lights are already attractive to flying indoor pests, and only a portion of them actually die there, why not take advantage of this congregation point and make sure that NO bug that flies in ever flies out alive?

To do this, let’s merge the idea of a majestic crystal chandelier with that of a lowly but functional bug zapper. Now the lighting in your parlor will not only sparkle with elegance upon your guests, but it will also keep pesky mosquitos and other flying insects away from them. Dangling under the bug zapper is a shimmering crystal cup (or arthropod death urn; call it what you like) into which the fried carcasses of zapped insects fall and collect. The cup may be removed and re-hung with an extendable pole, to make cleaning easy without need for a ladder.

This idea is probably a horrible fire hazard and a violation of building code but, you know, everything’s a tradeoff.

swimswim, Jun 04 2024

Startling_20High_20...Head_20Wall_20Light [xenzag, Jun 05 2024]


       I've only heard one reason why this idea hasn't been tried, and it's the same reason nobody hangs bug zappers right above their tables.
The fumes are somewhat poisonous.

       But the protein is tasty!
RayfordSteele, Jun 05 2024

       I like this.
21 Quest, Jun 05 2024

       Maybe we could hang them at a slight distance?...   

       [2fries], I overlooked the fumes. This might require an exhaust duct similar to what is installed over gas water heaters and furnaces.
swimswim, Jun 05 2024

       I never understood why the interior of those lights are so accessible to bugs. I always thought it was a closed, sealed container, and I don't get how the bugs get in lol
21 Quest, Jun 07 2024

       They put them in at the factory
pocmloc, Jun 07 2024


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