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Central Laser Turreting

central air, but with bullets
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Supply all of your home/lair's defense installations from a common generator.

--pressurized napalm tank in basement, pipes throughout house, flamer turrets where desired
--pressurized air tank and lead pellet source in basement, pipes throughout house, pellet gun turrets where desired
--ten-kilowatt laser in basement, fiber lines throughout house, handheld laser guns hanging on fiber cables where desired throughout house
--squid and piranha tank in basement, large-bore tubes throughout house, overhead fish dumping ports where desired
--liquid nitrogen tank in basement...
you get the idea.

In many bunkers, lairs, etc. there is a need for robust, deterring defense solutions, such as machine gun emplacements. Unfortunately, such emplacements are expensive and cumbersome to supply, especially as an attack is likely to concentrate force at a single point, circumventing most of the defense installations.

The solution is *central turreting*. Instead of conventional machine guns, plumb your fortress with lines to deliver fire from a central source/generator.

The added advantage is the turret the soldier/operative/minion ultimately wields is lighter- weight because the ammo store is at a central location. Additionally, a single ammo store is easier to protect and cannot be turned against the house if a single turret is captured.

incidentally, you should join me for tea at my place sometime.

sninctown, Sep 09 2011


       You really need to invest in the motion-sensing/tracking water-to-gasoline valve lawn sprinkler system.   

       It's all about the accessories.
One lump thanks.

       //a single point, obviating the capabilities of your defense installations elsewhere//   

       I don't think you mean "obviating". "Circumventing", possibly?
pertinax, Sep 09 2011

       What could possibly go wrong?
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 10 2011

       Why is that not already a tagline?
mouseposture, Sep 10 2011


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