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Computer Screen Bug Zapper

(no relation to "patio computer")
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I hate bugs. I love the warm night air. I love to have my windows open. Bugs like light. Bugs like my open windows because I like light as well. In particular, bugs seem to like my computer screen an awful lot.

Did I mention that I hate bugs?

I'm sure all of you have come across this problem before, and solved with with a simple swat or two. While this works in most situations, it doesn't for those of us who prefer to sit 10 or so feet from their computers. Whenever a bug comes around, a swat is neccessary. This entails getting up, going to the monitor, and hoping that there's still a bug present to swat at. Considering all the investment I've put into being able to use my computer while being far away from it, this is rather annoying.

Which is why I propose that a finely meshed grid be put near the surface of computer screens, just as with conventional bug zappers. However,the light source would be your computer screen, and not a black light. It might look a bit like those radiation guards, or it might look like something out of MadMax. It doesn't really matter. It kills bugs! It could be pink and green for all I care.

You might be able to wire it into your computer, and even use your scroll wheel as a control on voltage. Or choose different settings for a short, painless death, or long agonizing ones. (Some bugs deserve it.)

But, the best part about this is that it encourages family values by discouraging the solitary nature of computers. No longer will your son dissapear into his room for hours playing CounterStrike. Rather, he'd invite you in to watch the light show.

And you'd leave his room... with the normally-closed door open.

To let in the bugs.

rapid transit, Jun 28 2003

One of reensure's hidden gems http://www.halfbake...ea/Patio_20Computer
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       I think you meant *Patio Computer* in your summary.
thumbwax, Jun 28 2003

       Croissant, as I've been swatting at the same damn gnat for at least the past half hour.
Aside: forget about letting bugs in through windows; doesn't windows already have enough bugs in it?
Freefall, Jun 28 2003

       Problem is that the zapped bugs tend to stick to the mesh. A few zaps and you wont be able to read the computer screen
Shocker, Jul 03 2003

       The festive little puffs of smoke and sizzling sounds as it vaporizes insects would make a nice touch to go with a fireworks screen saver...
little dog laughed, Jul 04 2003

       [shocker] Maybe some sort of moveable mesh could be used. Something akin to the contraption they use to keep the lenses clean with bumpercams on racecars.   

       Either that or it'd come with some windex coupons. This entails work, but at least you won't be chasing after the bugs in order to kill them.
rapid transit, Jul 04 2003

       Can't you just buy a selection of frogs and place them just in front of the screen?
silverstormer, Jul 04 2003

       Your monitor has a HV transformer. All you need is a soldering iron and suicidal tendencies.   

       Alternatively, why not mask your screen and spray around the frame with a persistant bug spray?
FloridaManatee, Jul 04 2003

       "hrmm...there's a smudge on my screen. <ZAAPPP!> AHHHH!"   

nomel, Jul 02 2004


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