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Builder's Massage

Never mind the silky smooth.
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Before we start I must make it clear that there is no 'Rough Massage' porn associated with this idea. Thank you.
I am sure that we have all enjoyed a massage at some time in our lives. I am prepared to bet that they were pretty oily too, right?.
My friend who is a builder has properly weathered hands with a hint of cement dust (today). Tomorrow he might have shades of sharp sand.
Lets just say that when he grabbed hold of my arm it was like a moulded pumice stone. Either way, a massage with a bit of abrasion and builder's banter about it could be just the thing to have.
Varieties of building materials should be used during the day and, after a general hand cleaning process, the masseur (or massoosie if a female builder) could moonlight and provide invigorating massages.
Bum cleavage optional.
gnomethang, Mar 04 2004


       //Bum cleavage optional.//   

       Bum cleavage MANDATORY. Very nice, [gnome]. I suspect next on the list would be Techie Massages, where your back is gently rubbed by folks with long, thin, pipe-cleaner like fingers.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 04 2004

       great for the feet, gnome.
po, Mar 04 2004

       "...could moonlight...Bun cleavage..." hmmm
FarmerJohn, Mar 04 2004

       Now Now! Fr J. This is completely non perv. The possibility was demonstrated to a number of people who were enjoying a cold drink and we all concurred that the sensation was quite agreeable.
gnomethang, Mar 04 2004

       I can't say I have ever been professionally massaged but this idea appeals, greatly. It should be good for the pores.
And what's so wrong with pipe cleaner fingers [lbaf]?
silverstormer, Mar 04 2004

       Oh, I'm not saying anything derogatory reguarding pipe-cleaner fingers, [stormer]. I would rather enjoy a massage from someone having those features. Some nerdy, motorcycle-racer chick of my dreams *sigh*.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 04 2004

       She'd be good at polishing the inner engine at least...
silverstormer, Mar 04 2004


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