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Itch Litmus

A spray that will show your partner where the itch is
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Do you have a problem telling your partner where the itch is - all that "up a bit...ooh, no, right a bit...too far, left..."

I want a spray that changes colour when the skin it's sprayed on is itchy. You know, like that stuff you can swill round your mouth that stains the plaque on your teeth. A quick squirt and the itchy bit shows up a virulent orange.

All we need is some chemical correlate of itchiness - histamines, perhaps? - and some safe chemical that reacts to it.

widmerpool, Sep 16 2006


       Ok...Well for a start, a 'regular' itch is not caused by chemicals - rather by movements of small hairs on the skin. And secondly - you tell us what chemical works, and we vote, otherwise there really isn't an idea here.
fridge duck, Sep 16 2006

       But during a good backscratch the itch moves. How are you going to chase the itch? I like getting to tell where to scratch.
jmvw, Sep 16 2006

       I take back the no invention thing - it's more of a WIBNI.
fridge duck, Sep 16 2006

       Hah! rcarty said Titmouse!
DesertFox, Sep 16 2006

       Hah! widmerpool said "I want a . . ."!   

       Fishbone for wishing.
baconbrain, Sep 17 2006

       that'd be a wishbone then.
jmvw, Sep 20 2006

       //Wishbone// Hah! I think I'll use that. Thenkyew.
baconbrain, Sep 20 2006


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