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Bulk Rate Mailbox

Mail sent "Bulk Rate" goes into a different box (connected to the trash can)
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Currently, it is my frustrating daily ritual to stand over the trash can sorting through all the junk delivered to my USPS mailbox, looking for that single bill or letter that I might actually want to read. Oftentimes, the entire load is junk. The lion's share of the junk mail comes via bulk rate mailings. What I want is an additional Bulk Rate mailbox. All mail with standard postage affixed gets delivered to my standard mailbox; all bulk rate junk goes into my Bulk Rate box (which is convieniently connected to a chute going right into the trash can). If advertisers really, really want to reach me, they can damn well pay the higher rate, making it much more costly for them to do buisiness.
riromero, Jul 28 2004


       So, what is the invention idea here?
bristolz, Jul 28 2004

       I suspect that charging their biggest customers extra fees for doing so much business with them will cause the snail-mail system to quickly ride off into the sunset of bankruptcy. Thank goodness I don’t have any issues with getting email I don’t want…
luecke, Jul 28 2004

       Er, huh?
bristolz, Jul 28 2004

       Why not just sign up for the 'Do Not Mail' list - http://www.dmaconsumers.org/cgi/offmailinglistdave
abh1jit, Jul 28 2004

       You ought to take all of the Business Reply Mail pieces out of your mail and drop them in the mail box, without filling them out. Every time a BRM piece gets sent back to a mailer, the mailer gets charged, anywhere from 37 to 90 or so cents depending on how much mailing they do. If enough angry recipients start sending blank BRM pieces, the solicitations won't be a profitable anymore and the bulk mail will stop.
thecolor12, Dec 02 2004


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