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Stop junk mail and save the environment
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I've not really thought this through so I thought you could all come up with some ideas, but I am sick to death of junk mail coming through my front door. Not only is it annoying but it bothers me that all that paper is just thrown away. Would it not be possible for the post office or whatever to run a register which junk-companies would have to consult before sending post. People like my self who hate the idea of killing the planet to advertise trashy books or free credit cards could have their names put down so they never receive any. I always tick the 'I never want to recieve any mail form related companies' box on application forms so why can I not stop other senders too? What do people think...?
Impman, Apr 14 2002

something..... http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Junk_20Mail
we did a few weeks back... [po, Apr 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Palo Alto Residential Junk Mail Reduction Kit http://www.city.pal...cycle/junkmail.html
Depending on where you live, some of this may apply, or you may have similar programs. Your local post office is part of the racket and interested in continuing it; nevertheless, they may be a good place to start asking. [jutta, Apr 14 2002]


       the ton of stuff hidden in magazines gets on my nerves as well.
po, Apr 14 2002

       [admin: This is not "redundant", since it is not an idea; instead it's "consumer advice" (a ground for deletion on its own). The idea that you claim it is redundant to is similar in name, but describes a specific idea - a waste paper basket for junk mail to be dropped into. Since one of the things that the current poster is concerned about is the generation of such waste, that solution doesn't apply here.]   

       I sympathize. I'm starting to be concerned not about the environment but about simply finding my mail amidst the large brochures, mostly sent to former residents.   

       Sales clerks at some places I shop ask for my address when I pay; it takes some stubbornness to talk them out of it. They never say "Would you like to receive our catalogue until the sun goes supernova and supply this company with a few extra dollars from selling your address?"; they just say "Street?", as if giving out your address is a normal part of the payment process. It is not, and it's time consumers let them know that they dislike being shorn in this manner.
jutta, Apr 14 2002

       This also places the onus of deciding what's junk mail and what's not on the Post Office. Not a job they'd want.
phoenix, Apr 14 2002

       I'm with jutta -- last time I went to get my hair cut (I usually do it myself), the clerk wanted my full name and address, etc. I refused. The clerk seemed dumfounded, especially since her boss was out to lunch. I muttered a "nevermind," (in a way that makes it sound like "fuck this") and exited the joint, and went to a different place that only wanted to know my first name.

The moral is: it's up to you to control the amount of information you give to the world.
quarterbaker, Apr 15 2002


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