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Bum Bank

ATM based bank for the terminally poor
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So you're a bum. Maybe you had a good day, you want to buy something but you need a debit card or a check.

For $0.50 you get a debit card add credit to it just like at the laundry mat. Yes, it takes pennies. For $0.25 print a check (you have to enter the amount first so no bouncing checks.)

There it is!

futurebird, Jul 12 2001

ATM Cash Deposit http://www.halfbake...TM_20cash_20deposit
For dealing with the change [MuddDog, Jul 12 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pre-Paid Credit Card http://www.halfbake...aid_20Credit_20Card
Related idea [wiml, Jul 12 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       A wonderful title, that is! The base technology is already in place. Some supermarkets feature "change exchangers" which convert those unwieldy sockfuls of pennies into "convenient" store-credit slips...for a mere 7% fee.
The Military, Jul 12 2001

       nucleus, there are places that don't accept cash. Anything that goes through the mail, for example. You can buy a postal money order with cash, though (I don't remember what the fee is).   

       Transactions over the net are another example. In many places you can get net access for free via the public libraries or community organizations, so this is relevant to bums. For this, you'd need something that looks like a credit card (i.e. has a 16-digit number and an expiration date) even if it's actually a zero-minimum-balance debit card. See link.
wiml, Jul 12 2001

       Maybe Bill & Melinda Gates or Ted Turner could be persuaded to fund a program to supply checks and debit cards at no fee to anyone registered for any state-sponsored welfare, food, or housing assistance program; or anyone with a chit from a non-profit shelter. Seems unethical to squeeze turnips for blood, as it were.
Dog Ed, Jul 12 2001

       Unethical to offer a service to the poor that hadn't existed before? <shrug>
VeXaR, Jul 12 2001

       Indeed it is a wonderful title. I thought it was going to be about a way of keeping your money safe by shoving it up your arse.
sirrobin, Jul 13 2001

       Itsman - I thought it said "Burn Bank" and was an instruction and have now acted accordingly. oh that's the door I wonder who it is.... hello Mr Policeman, please excuse the smell of petrol... aaargh let me go heeeelp....
CasaLoco, Jul 13 2001, last modified Aug 13 2001

       CasaLoco: When you get out, I hope you'll read at least the title of my next HB posting: "Send me $1,000 immediately."
beauxeault, Jul 13 2001

       Nice idea but what kind of store would take them? Not any store I've worked at.
tigerwren, Aug 13 2001

       tigerwren, why not? Money is money, no? Maybe you wouldn't take them if you were Chez Snootypants, but if you were the local Quick-E-Mart and some shabby guy came in with a bum bank card and wanted some sterno, why would you care?
wiml, Aug 13 2001


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