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Balloon Animal ATM

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i see 2 types

the first is arms in a glass box while the arms are robotic they look like the arms from the old creepy fortune-teller machines you get to see the baloon animal created

second is the standard ATM type sanitary and cold looking you do not get to witness the creation process

vfrackis, Sep 14 2009


       Would you not first have to establish a BA currency system? Otherwise, how many WienerDogs can i get from the acount i recently paid an ElaborateLlama into?
loonquawl, Sep 14 2009

       Question - is this a machine in the wall that spits out balloon animals, or a cash machine that features a balloon animal?
Confession - That bone is [edit - was] mine, on the assumption that it's the latter.
zen_tom, Sep 14 2009

       more of a dispenser than an ATM - put your money in a slot and pull open the drawer where your balloon animal will be stuck firmly...
po, Sep 14 2009

       yes a balloon animal dispensing station
vfrackis, Sep 14 2009


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