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Cash Fountain ATM

Making withdrawing your money a 'winning' experience
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I've only done a superficial check to see if this hasn't already been done . . . so please bear with me.

We've all seen the game shows where the winner is put into a glass cube and paper money is blown around whirlwind style. The constestant has to grab the money from the air.

What if you could have the same exhilarating experience every time you went to an ATM. I'm envisaging the pin keypad would be on the outside of the cube and once you had keyed the pin and the withdrawal amount details the cube unlocks and you enter. Once inside (and the door is locked) a blower starts issuing forth notes of relevant denominations.

Probably won't work so well if you only want to get out $20.

Brett-Blob, Jan 10 2008


       Cute! :) [-]
leinypoo13, Jan 10 2008

       Will banks blow their money on this?
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 10 2008

       That would probably be an 'over the counter' transaction UB. Chargeable I'm afraid, even if you leave a deposit. Make sure you remove your helmet.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 10 2008

       I was thinking it would fit in to the same genre as those restaurants where the waiters abuse you. I think you can get regular service by request.   

       Perhaps the ATM could have regular withdrawal, or 'tornado' withdrawal.   

       There's a small chance it might slow down the process of getting your money out on busy days.
Brett-Blob, Jan 10 2008

       you'd then have a Crystal Maze inspired ATM vestibule, ... you could probably call yours the blob dome.   

       can be implemented in countries where the price of things can go into millions like the japanese yen, or the malaysian ringgit   

       currently: 1 Japanese yen = 0.009143 U.S. dollar   

       if the japanese government started circulating singles, withdrawing as little as US$10.00 in japan would be fun to look at.
pyggy potamus, Jan 10 2008

       // you'd then have a Crystal Maze inspired ATM vestibule, ... you could probably call yours the blob dome //   

       (with apologies to S-Club 7) "Blob Dome - there ain't no party like a Blob Dome party, Blob Dome - shake your body from side-to-side".
Brett-Blob, Jan 10 2008

       ///That would probably be an 'over the counter' transaction //   

       'Under the counter', shirley?   

       Hur, hur.
Custardguts, Jan 10 2008

       Actually for the mere amusement of seeing someone inside a plexi or acrylic box on a busy street scrambling and grabbing to recover their own money, I think it's bunable.   

       I would have bunned until my finger was sore if the suggestion had been a bank initiated public, spontaneous and random cash explosion inside a very visible plexi bubble. Any two (or more) people could get inside and press the button or pull the lever and every once in a while, a 100 or so bills would come a blowing. The fighting and related shenanigans inside the bubble would be of interest to many and the bank would be the talk of the town. Kind of like a bank sponsored pair of scorpions in a brandy glass concept.
Arcana, Jan 11 2008

       Sorry. I'd have to say no on the context, that money would have to be paid by someone. The people wouldn't want to fight for their own money, especially if in a rush. The banks wouldn't want the financial liability. The IRS would be angry they couldn't tax it. And theives would constantly devise new and more belligerent ways of robbing people.
The collector, Jan 12 2008

       I'd get a big mesh bag, or butter fly net and put it over the blower hole.   

crazyrog17, Jan 12 2008


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