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Butt Box Backpack

(Changed name from Back Butt Box) Folding box drum
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This is a folding box drum (a cross-shaped 2-d array of 6 rectangular pieces of wood that fold up either into a flattened space-saving stack with straps that can be worn against the back under a regular backpack, or assembled into a resonant box that can be played like a drum. Box drums are also known as Cojons.

The hard part would be a securing system that allows the separate panels to fit together tightly to form a resonant cavity. Maybe there could be cone shaped wooden pegs to tighten things up.

JesusHChrist, Mar 02 2014

Box Drum or Cajon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajón
[JesusHChrist, Mar 03 2014]

Rhumba box https://www.google....sAQ&biw=996&bih=615
[xandram, Mar 03 2014]


       I don`t understand this idea, but that`s ok, because I don`t care.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 03 2014

       There I retooled it, does that make more sense?   

       Peripherally, Cojon is pretty close to cojones which means testicles which is funny because the way you play a Cojon is by sitting on it so that it would be like you are playing your testicles, in a similar way to the way a Bumgos player who's partner was wearing bongos on their bum might play their partner's bum. I don't know, music, adolescent humor, percussion, vague South American references, it's all in there somewhere.   

       Parenthetically, I once, in search of eggs for breakfast in Spain, popped my head quickly into a small shop and asked the proprietor, "tienes huevos," which I found out quickly also means, "Do you have the testicles to fight me?" I think I've already told that story on this website.
JesusHChrist, Mar 03 2014

       I'm giving a folding bun. [+] I understand (uh-hum) the idea somewhat by looking at your link. In Jamaica they make these boxes with strips of tuned metals across the hole and call it a *rumba box*. It's very cool and simple. [see my link] They just carry them around and stop to play when they feel like it.
xandram, Mar 03 2014


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