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Bump mirrors

For when your baby bump is obscuring the view
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When she was pregnant, a friend found that she developed a blind spot... encompassing her feet and any nearby tripping hazards. When you've got little children, there are tripping hazards a-plenty.

How about a couple of mirrors, mounted on one's hips, to allow a clear view of the sub-bump unknown?

Also suitable for the morbidly obese.

david_scothern, Jul 14 2007


       I don't know about you, but I don't typically look -down- while walking. I look forward along my path, keeping a subconscious mental note of obstacles which need avoiding/stepping over/stepping around.   

       But [+] for the mental image of someone walking around with the 'aid' of a pair of hip-mounted mirrors.
Freefall, Jul 16 2007

       Pregnant persons are often somewhat sensitive to their bloated profile. So rather than further blowing it out with wing mirrors, how about using cameras? With a bumptop screen, you could effectively make the bump itself see-through.
DrCurry, Jul 16 2007

       maternity clothes with motion sensors/beepers
dentworth, Jul 17 2007


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