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Baby Belly Hammock

What I thought the bungco execs had in mind from their product name
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Almost all pregnant women experience lower back pain from carrying the child.
Much of this pain is from the added weight but if I don't miss my bet it's not so much the weight itself causing the pain, but how that weight is distributed since we've become bipedal.

The Baby Belly Hammock fastens with Velcro below the belly, while the one size fits all hammock design supports the weight of the baby by crossing between the breasts and over each shoulder to an ergonomic back pad with adjustable weight inserts to customize your own counter balance.

Baby Belly Bra http://www.glowmate...eb91137ce58a1bc7aa0
Baked! [bungston, Mar 19 2009]

Baby's First Papoose® Baby_27s_20First_20Papoose_ae
One of my first ideas. [phoenix, Mar 19 2009]


       Would this squish the baby? This is a pretty good idea! I bet you could make one for fat men too.
GodSquadMandrake, Mar 19 2009

       Hey, sometimes I have wild dreams and... ehh.. sorry. This sounds baked like. I mean, if it's not, and I trust you did your homework, then bake it, man!+
daseva, Mar 19 2009

       What the hell? How butt ass ugly would this contraption be? It sounds like a body trapeze.   

       Couldn't you just take your old bras and panty hose and tie them around yourself?
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       am I the only one who thought "or you could get a midget to walk in front of you" ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       not if you taped two pregnant women back-to-back; that way the "counterbalance" would be self-supporting.
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       A push me-pull you sort of wildeabeast thingy?
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       well.... if both wore those kids' roller-sneakers, then side A could do all the work walking to the store and side B on the way back.
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       One could even lie down and nap whilst the other skated the way...
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       I'd have your babies, fries - er, what am I saying?
po, Mar 19 2009

daseva, Mar 19 2009

       Well I'll be dipped [phoenix]. That was just a bit before my time here. I never thought to search the hb, I figured this would already be a product.
I think that the counterbalance is what would make this work. An elastic support is fine and so is distrubuting the weight to the shoulders but that weight is still out front. I think that a ballanced larger weight would make for less back pain than an unbalanced lesser weight.
It would also press right where you see expectant mothers hold themselves to relieve back stress...add a few of those reusable exothermic heat pads to the kit and I think it's marketable.

       Whadaya say phoenix? Wanna bake it?   

       What you are describing is a bra for the belly.
marquisdenet, Mar 20 2009

       Yes, a counter balanced one.   

       [po] I...'m speechless.   

       So is your wife I'm sure.
blissmiss, Mar 21 2009

       "Whadaya say phoenix? Wanna bake it?"
But you already have a bun in the oven!

       I'd like to hear what the ladies think about a counterbalance. I think it might be counter-productive.
phoenix, Mar 22 2009


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