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Bump'n'go Bean Bag Roombas

lawn roving beanbags
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Bump'n'go Bean Bag Roombas are large bean bags that slowly move (very very slowly) around randomly on an outside lawn area. When they encounter an obstacle, inbuilt sensors cause them to head off in a different direction. (though this can be set to cause them to do the opposite and cluster together)

You can lie or sit on them for a while and enjoy being taken for a slow relaxing journey as they creep around. They can do this because inside each bean bag resides a powerful battery driven motorised drive, which delivers a caterpillar type action to the exterior surface. This results in the continuous movement of the beanbags. It's a bit like having a small tracked vehicle totally enclosed within a padded container.

Probably only really suitable for a palatial lawn such as one owned by a wealthy Bezos, Musk or Nick Clegg type person or within an enclosed University campus park area.

Deluxe version of Bump'n'go Bean Bag Roombas emits a low level pulsating luminous glow at night and can also deliver a variety of moaning sounds at irregular intervals.

xenzag, Jun 26 2022

Independent_20Autonomous_20Balls [pocmloc, Jun 28 2022]


       //sit on them for a while//
//caterpillar type action to the exterior surface//
The caterpillar action will have the side-effect of depositing any "rider" on the ground in front of the beanbag, to be subsequently driven over...
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 26 2022

       "..... slowly move (very very slowly)......"
xenzag, Jun 26 2022

       I'll take one with extra zombie
Voice, Jun 26 2022

       Do the tracks run on the inside or outside of the material?
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2022

       Bean there...
...bun that.


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