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Bungee Race

A race where competitors are strapped to giant rubber bands, gradually increasing the difficulty of moving forward.
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It seems to me that sprinting races, while certainly requiring athletic prowess, only focus on one skill: short burts of speed. What I suggest is an alternative form of racing that focuses on more skills.

Straight track races should be held in which each runner, by means of a special harness, is attached to a long elastic band. These giant rubber bands would go behind the runners and retract into spools at the starting gate. Due to the nature of elasticity, the race would be completely normal in the beginning; the runners would be able to bound ahead with little to no hindrance, as the band unfurls behind them loosely. Little by little, however, the runners would have to resist the increasing pull of their elastic band. At a certain point, the race would become a competition of strength and endurance as the runners struggle against the stretchy fetters that hold them back. Those with less grip in their sneakers would begin to find themselves moonwalking, or even sliding backwards. Eventually, the winner would pull themselves across the finish line, perhaps on all fours, straining against an extremely taut rope of rubber. the fun doesn't end there, however. Runners can't truly relax until they detach their harness; those who forget to do so will find themselves flying backwards toward the beginning.

DrWorm, Jan 25 2010

http://www.thefunon...ngee_two_person.jpg [leinypoo13, Jan 25 2010]


       You could achieve the same effect with a track that sloped upward along a curved path. A good use for ski-jumps during the off-season.
mouseposture, Jan 25 2010

       So what happens if you get a runner who is strong enough to break the bungee? Do they win by default?   

       //You could achieve the same effect with a track that sloped upward along a curved path// True, but the bungee is a lot more fun!
Jscotty, Jan 26 2010

       Well and truly baked at bike rallies across Britain (and probably elsewhere). I've competed in many 'bungee runs' myself. A slight variation, applicable where resources are limited, uses a single bungee (often a string of motorcycle inner tubes looped together and tied to a tree). Competitors take turns to get as far as they can, marking their progress by sticking a tent peg or similar marker in the ground.
Twizz, Jan 26 2010

       I think I recall several, indeed, many events like this in It's A Knockout!
DrCurry, Jan 26 2010

       I see. Well, feel free to mark my idea for deletion. Alas, I truly thought it was original!...
DrWorm, Jan 26 2010

       Don't worry, you'll bounce back.
rcarty, Jan 28 2010

       Yuk yuk.
DrWorm, Jan 28 2010


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