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Centrifuge view camera

Build a railway circumscribing the track, so a camera or spectator train can go around.
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This idea is a refinement of "Centrifuge Racing." While building a giant carousel would have relatively low RPM's and operating expense, it requires probably 10x more capital than a stationary speedway. It would be more feasible to have a camera array traveling about a railway buit to circumscribe the track, which would run alongside the cars and providing the same experience.

BTW, there already is a camera mounted in the center of the racetrack, but this makes a different cinematic effect.

thisispeterstanley, May 26 2007

A very slow centrifuge time-lapse camera http://www.in70mm.c.../abandoned/road.htm
prior art [csea, May 26 2007]


       they have something like this for the olympics for the speed skating.
jhomrighaus, May 26 2007

       Widely known to exist, shirley?
david_scothern, May 28 2007


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