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anything goes robo nascar

a race with as few rules as possible
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this race would occur on a standard nascar racetrack. the only rules for vehichles are: 1. must fit within 12 foot cube at start. 2. must be controlled by an internal computer. no human drivers. 3. no part may ever exit the paved track or the area directly above it. 4 first one around 100 times wins. 5 if you break a rule or your rocket launcher is incapacitated your out and must move off the track. 6. the judges may request a demonstration of continued rocket launcher capability at any time.

any ideas for more rules are welcome.

quadmaster, Jan 25 2008


       My only problem is with rule #2. For it to really be a race, I think it should be remote controlled by geeks (besides, how many cars do you see that drive themselves? I don't think the technology is there yet).
Spacecoyote, Jan 25 2008

       It sounds fun, but a lot of people would probably design their robocars to incapacitate other cars which would block the track, so if any one wins, it might be something like an armored bulldozer.
BJS, Jan 25 2008

       Waaaay too many rules already for an 'anything goes' race.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 25 2008

       the purpose of the rocket launcher is an inarguable definition of working. the reason the track wouldn't become clogged because obliterated cars probably would not retain roket launcher capability and would be dragged off the track by rule 5. also, it garuntees some level of violence.
quadmaster, Jan 25 2008

       Battlebots meets rollerball.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2008

       If the cars are incapacitated, then how will they drag themselves off the track? Or is is just like nascar when they 'pause' the race to clean up crashes? There would then have to be some sort of pausing mechanism for all the cars.
BJS, Jan 25 2008

       I imagine the cars not being dragged off the track, just being plowed through by the others.
Spacecoyote, Jan 26 2008


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