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Bungie Surfing

A new extreme sport
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Put on a specially designed suit with extendable wing flaps under each arm, and a webbing type wing that connects your lower legs. Attach a wire harness at your waist like they do for wire stunts in the movies, only heavy duty, and designed for 2 'wires' to be attached.

Now go find a really windy crevasse or ravine. Attach a bungie cord to the top of either side so you dangle down into the ravine suspended between to bungie cords. Extend your arms and spread your legs so your wings are at maximum extension. As the wind begins to push you back like a kite on 2 stretchable strings, try to keep balanced to maximize how far you get pushed back. When you're ready, quickly roll into a cannonball shape so the force of the bungie cords propel you forward like a slingshot, somersaulting and flipping and doing whatever maneuvers you like as you hurtle through the air. Rinse and repeat.

Sounds like fun if you could avoid crushing your melon on the ravine walls, hehe. Like a cross between gymnastics, bungie jumping and hang gliding. I would also like to note that this sport would be totally CHUD compatible, you'd just replace the bungies with appropriate BioCHUDs.

vykyng, Jun 14 2008


       I don't see any inclusion of surf in this sport.
normzone, Jun 15 2008

       Something fun to do with the serfs when it is not hunting season, perhaps?   

       I think it is the "to move rapidly through a medium" defintion, or more acurately, to have the medium move rapidly and "surf" in the same position. Like a standing wave machine, but with air. I don't think nature will be obliging enough to give you the boundaries to operate within. This is going to have to happen in a manufactured environment.
4whom, Jun 16 2008


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