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air rifle electronic target

air rifle air gun electronic practice range
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When I was practicing with my Air rifle the target used is 40 feet away and the shot goes above or below or sides of the target making it difficult to know. So I planned to make an electronic based indication system that shows where the shot hit. I made small square 4Inch of steel 4mm , 3 on top , 3 down and 2 in the middle, the center sqaure is futher divided into 2 inch x4 squares, and in the center a 3 inch bulls eye. Each has a push button and an ultrabright led on the center of each square, and the bulls eye led is always on for aiming practice. if it it will also blink.I have programmed the microcontroller so if a square is hit the led will blink for 4 times and stay on for about 10 sec so we know where it has been hit. So during practice it goes like this I aim on the Led (bullseye) and shoot, if it goes just 2 inches next to the Bulls eye that sqaure's led would blink so i know where the shot went. now planning to have a wireless lcd unit where we know which sqare is hit. the risk factor here is the led as it is direclty open on the steel , if it hits its gone. have to think of something that can protect it. any more ideas? Any more suggestions?
macx75, Mar 11 2007

Buy one! http://www.etsys.co.uk/targets.htm
[jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007]

another http://www.shortyus....224.12.33&CA=&RID=
[jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007]

a third http://www.brenzovich.com/haring.htm
[jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007]


       Small plexi-glass cones to protect the LED's.   

       Oh, and welcome.   

       Nice idea. I'm not sure plexiglass (Perspex?) cones would survive a direct central hit from 40ft. Also, aren't the pushbuttons also vulnerable?   

       For durability (and overengineering - a favourite on the HB), how about a square frame criss-crossed with infrared beams and detectors? The impact point would be detected by the combination of horizontal and vertical beams which were broken by the pellet (momentarily). Your "readout" could then be corresponding horizontal and vertical rows of LEDs - two LEDs would light up, telling you how far left/right and above/below dead centre you were.   

       Final suggestion: type slower and use more capitals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2007

       [Admin: I deleted your idea "air rifle target electronic" which seemed to be a duplicate of this.]
hippo, Mar 11 2007

       Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), sometimes called Perspex or Plexiglas, has a low tolerance to impact when compared with other transparent polymers. If transparency is favoured, I would look toward the thermoplastic polyurethanes for the cone material, or possibly even humble polycarbonate.   

       Otherwise I would site the LED behind a hole in the steel plate, smaller than the caliber of the slug. I assume that you're looking directly at the target, so limited viewing angles shouldn't be an issue.
Texticle, Mar 12 2007

       No leds, just hook your elecrtonic target board into roof mounted projector. It could display a red square or cross or anything where the slug hits.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 12 2007

       One could also use an audio - rather than visual - signal. How about surrounding the bullseye with an array of small animals with distinctive cries?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       Actually, hang on a moment, that was not such a stupid idea.   

       What you need is a "Glockenspiel target", with each sector being a suspended metal segment that rings at a different note. This would then also work for blind markspeople.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       Which - the small-animal array, or the glockenspiel?   

       Better yet - create an elastic rebounder target, offset it by the appropriate angle, and wear a kevlar vest with concentric circles. The point at which you have shot (sp.?) yourself will clearly reflect the point at which you hit the target.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       Your third idea is the best, MaxwellBuchanan.   

       [2 fries] (and [po], you tend to welcome newbies a lot): How come I was never welcomed to the HB? sniff.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 12 2007

       I, on the other hand, am a miserable git who never welcomes newbies. But welcome nevertheless, TheLights.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       bigsleep: A rifle will usually move some when fired. In the case of a spring-air rifle, the motion will actually be more severe than with many firearms. The exact point of impact is a complex function of how the rifle moves as the projectile travels through the barrel. For this reason, sighting aparatus will usually have to be adjusted somewhat differently for different shooters.   

       As for the question of who cares where the pellet actually goes if the sights are on target, I'd guess that any squirrels or other vermin one is trying to control would care quite a bit.
supercat, Mar 13 2007

       Another thought: have targets printed on a roll of opaque paper, and have a mechanism to advance the paper. If the backstop behind the paper is white and illuminated, then any pellet holes should show up quite clearly.
supercat, Mar 13 2007

       I once saw a target that collected BBs. I must have got my fill of guns as a little kid with air rifles. I had a benjamin 22 cal air rifle that was sufficient for small game. I suggest plates of steel that ring when hit. if you want to see where you hit put a coating on it like a fresh coat of paint. If you don't want the BB to hit you just angle it away towards a different target. I'm thinking a BB target xylophone. There is already equiptment that tells pitch you could have it light up a light to tell you what part of the target you hit based on the pitch and soon you would probably get the feel of where it hit.   

       Now that I am writing I see Maxwell's idea and so Props to him. Sound is always something I relied on.
MercuryNotMars, Mar 13 2007

       //Any more suggestions?//   

       1. Hang the targets with a brightly colored paper behind them so that the holes "shine".   

       2. Use a spotting scope.   

       3. Wear eye protection. You'll shoot your eye out, kid!
Noexit, Mar 14 2007

       Nice ACS reference.
Texticle, Mar 14 2007


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